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On the Saint Petersburg Hotels website you can choose and reserve the hotel in one of the most beautiful Russian cities Saint Petersburg. Here you can find the accommodation of different levels and reserve any room online. You can choose five-star hotels, tourist class lodgings or small hotels and see all facilities.

On this site you can choose the tours to Saint Petresburg of different kinds and length. We also help you to reserve train and airline tickets. Reserving train tickets through Optima Tours company, you can be assured of receiving your ticket to any destination within Russia in time. The main advantage of buying a ticket through it is that you can do it from home, avoiding lines in ticket offices.

Saint Petersburg website also gives you the general information about Russia and Saint Petersburg. The website contains information about city`s history and historical monuments, climat, geography of Russia. The website also will help you to choose the perfect place for entertainment at the city as it contains the information about the most popular theaters, museums, restaurants and nightclubs of Saint Petersburg.

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