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Petersburg Hotels website offers eight units for getting familiar with one of the best cities in the world. If you plan to visit this unique city, you'll find all the necessary information here. Provided detailed information, this website is available round the clock.

On Petersburg Hotels website you will find all useful information about all travel opportonities to Saint Petersburg. It helps the travelers to choose the most suitable accommodation according to your demands and requirements. The website presents the information about all levels of the hotels. You also have an opportunity to reserve the room on-line.

On this website you can choose the sightseeing tours to St. Petersburg. The web-site also contains the information about the famous tourist attractions of the city.

Petersburg Hotels also provides a service in reserving the airline and train tickets to St. Petersburg. On the web-site you can also read about the entertainment opportunities of the city, about the nightclubs, the museums, the restaurants, the theatres of St. Petersburg.

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