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Moscow Hotels website provides you with all useful information about the best hotels of Moscow. You will have the information about the most popular capital apartments of different levels (from the economy class accommodation to luxury hotels. From this list you can choose the variant which is the most suitable for you. The whole part of this web-site is devoted to the reservation of hotels. You can do it filling out the reservation form on-line.

Moscow Hotels will also help you to choose the tour to Moscow. It offers package tours, custom tours and sightseeing tours of different length. The web-site will help you to find all information of Russian visa and to reserve air-line and train tickets. For those who are on business trip to Moscow, this source offers information on business travel. It will help you to make the best goals in your career.

For gourmands Moscow Hotels website supports detailed information on Moscow restaurants. Each restaurant presents a certain idea, conception, unusual way of the interior and menu decoration. Every restaurant features the unique style. The level of service in Moscow restaurants is getting so irreproachable that specialists believe some venues of the capital to be highly competitive with the best European examples.

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