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Discover the central spots in Helsinki with virtual Helsinki Hotels directory. Here the lists of hotels, activities, restaurants, etc are available. These pages contain information on Helsinki, its past and present and also links to city`s attractions.

Helsinki Hotels website gives all the information, which you need during your travel to the capital of Finland. The website will help you to find the suitable hotel in Helsinki. The site presents the list of different hotels according to your wishes from five-star hotels of VIP-class to three-star hotels. You can make the reservation on-line, filling out the reservation form


Helsinki Hotels also helps to reserve the air-line tickets. Here you will receive important information on technology, delivery and form of payment.

The web-site presents the tours of different length to Helsinki. During the excursions you can visit the most famous tourist attractions of Finnish capital. Among them are Senate Square, Lutheran Cathedral, Mannherheim monument, the Church in the Rock, Uspensky Orthodox Church, the Dome. We also organize the business tours to Helsinki.

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