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The cultural life of Warsaw has much to offer to the guests of the Polish capital. Here one can find theaters for different tastes and preferences. The opera and ballet lovers are welcome to visit the Polish National Opera Theater and the Warsaw Chamber Opera. Those who prefer other ways of entertaining will appreciate the cabaret and musical shows of the Sabat Theater.

Polish National Opera
The beginning of opera traditions in Poland dates back to the 17th century, when the first Italian opera troupe was invited to Warsaw. The Polish National Opera continues its 200-year tradition and produces works by Polish composers and world classics.

Polski Theatre
The theatre's name - Polski, which means "Polish", speaks for itself. Nowadays its repertoire mostly consists of Polish classical and modern works. But the theatre's collective also pays tribute to world classical masterpieces.

Sabat Theatre
The Sabat Theatre is linking to the traditions of pre-war cabaret and variety show theatres. Elegant style, beautiful bright costumes, various music and great mood are the main features of the Sabat, where famous actors, dancers, singers and musicians often perform today.

State Jewish Theatre in Warsaw
The theatre is a temple of national culture for the Jews who have remained in Poland. Now it is located at Grzybowski Square and is named after the great actress of the Jewish stage and Mother of the Jewish Theatre in Poland - Ester Rachel Kaminska.

Warsaw Chamber Opera
The Warsaw Chamber Opera offers a wide variety of musical styles and genres: from medieval mystery plays to the operas of the Baroque and Classical periods, the operas by Rossini and Donizetti, as well as works by contemporary composers.

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