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Museums in Warsaw

In Warsaw, there are many beautiful palaces and old mansions. After World War II they were restored and turned into museums. Nowadays the visitors of Warsaw are welcome to visit the Royal Castle and Wilanow Museums with luxurious old interiors, Chopin Museum, where personal belongings of the composer are exhibited, and a number of other exciting museums.

Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature
Nowadays the exposition covers the history of Polish literature from the times of Romanticism until today. A large section of the museum is dedicated to Adam Mickiewicz. It includes his manuscripts, pages of his most famous work Pan Tadeucz, poems, letters and old prints.

Chopin Museum
The Chopin museum exposition contains the composer's music scores, correspondence, paintings and other objects related to Chopin and his life. Among the most interesting exhibits are the award that Chopin received for good behavior at school and the last piano he ever played.

Historical Museum of Warsaw
The museum exposition is presented in 60 rooms. One of the permanent exhibitions called "The seven centuries of Warsaw" presents the history of the city: foundation, development through the centuries, its destruction in 1944 and rehabilitation after the end of the war.

Museum of the History of Polish Jews
The Museum, located in the former building of the Main Judaic Library, focuses on the history of material and spiritual culture of Polish Jewish community. The main goal of the museum is to restore and preserve the rich culture of Polish Jews that had been created before Holocaust.

National Museum in Warsaw
At present, the collection of the National museum in Warsaw is the richest in Poland and includes 780 000 items. The permanent expositions include the Galleries of ancient and medieval art, foreign and Polish painting, decorative art and painting of the 20th century.

Polish Military Museum
The permanent exposition of the Museum includes the objects related to the story of Polish armed force from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary times: weapons and firearms, banners and standards dating back to the 16th century, uniform of different times and so on.

Royal Castle
The Royal Castle in Warsaw has always been the symbol of Polish national history and culture. Nowadays its permanent exposition includes a number of restored apartments, containing original furniture, statues, paintings, porcelain and other objects of art.

Wilanow Museum Palace
Wilanow (or "Villa nova"), probably one of the most beautiful buildings in Warsaw, was built at the end of the 17th century for the king John III Sobieski and his wife by many outstanding architects and artists, including Michelangelo Palloni and Andrzej Schluter.

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