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MDM Hotel

1 Konstytucji Sq - Warszawa, Poland 00-647

The MDM Hotel is located on one of the most beautiful squares in the city center - Constitution Square, very close to all shopping, cultural, dining and entertainment facilities. The hotel is located within walking distance to the historical Old Town (20 min walk) and to the Lazienki Palace and Garden Complex (10 min walk). A variety of museums and historical sites are nearby the hotel.

The hotel, which has been recently completely modernized, now features high European standards. The front of the hotel is an example of the monumental architecture of the 1950's, dominated by the classic Stalinist style, perfectly known as social realism. The beautiful and comfortable interiors and an excellent location one of the major squares in the city centre make it an excellent place for both tourists and businessmen. At the MDM Hotel, the needs of every guest are attended to with great care and professionalism. It offers affordable luxury and will delight any traveler.

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