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In Warsaw there is abundance of places where the guests can play bowling, darts or billiards. For those who consider sport to be an integral part of his or her life, there are comfortable fitness-centers, skating rinks, racetracks and water pools. Tennis courts, volleyball grounds and squash courts will help you follow the healthy way of life. There is even a golf club not far from the city center.

Arco Bowling Club
The opening of Arco that took place several years ago was a great event for all bowling fans. The Arco entertainment center boasts wonderful location not far from the city center. Altogether there are 32 bowling lanes situated on two levels.

First Warsaw Golf and Country Club
The First Warsaw Golf and Country Club, the only club of this kind in Poland, is located 25k from the city center. Golf course occupies the territory of 63 hectares and lies in a beautiful surrounding on the bank of the Vistula River.

Hash House Harrier
The main difference between the Hash House Harriers and other running clubs is that social camaraderie and non-competitive aspects of the group's activities are considered to be much more important than the sport of hare and hounds itself.

Hula Kula
In Warsaw there are several places where you can spend a nice evening, playing bowling, darts or billiards, but one of the most popular entertainment centers is the grand Hula Kula center. It features modern bowling alley with 34 lanes.

Sheraton Fitness Center
If you feel that you body yearns physical exercises or sport is just an inseparable part of your life, visit one of the fitness clubs that you find in abundance in Warsaw. One of the best is considered to be the Sheraton Fitness Club located on the first level of the Sheraton Hotel.

Sluzewiec Racetrack
If you want to have a break from cultural sightseeing of the Polish capital and have a nice day, go to the Sluzewiec Racetrack that is 20 km from the city center. Unlike the expensive racecourses of Western Europe to enter the Sluzewiec Racetrack you don't have to pay.

Tennis and squash
The Promenada Country Club is situated in a beautiful countryside on the bank of the Vistula River. But to get there you don't have to go a long way. It is located just 10 km away from the center of Warsaw. The Club is an ideal place for a sport day.

Torwar II Skating Rink
One of the most popular skating rinks is located inside Torwar II arena that is a part of a larger sport complex - the Centrum Osrodek Sportu (the Main Center of Sport). It was established in 1969 as Olympic sport training center.

Wodny Park
Wodny Park created on the premises of the former Warszawianka swimming pool has been just recently opened and at once turned to be a success. Today it is considered to be Warsaw's most modern water sport complex that boasts Olympic size swimming pool (50 x 25 m).

Situated in the city center on the bank of the river Vistula the Zoo is one of the favorite walking places for the small residents of Warsaw. There are over 70 species of animals from all over the world including endangered and rare species.

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