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Poland is situated in the central region of the European continent, being positioned on the river system of the Vistula and the Odra Rivers. In the south the boundaries of Poland are ending on the Carpathian and Sudety mountains, so as in the Baltic Sea on the north. The neighboring countries are Germany in the western side, Ukraine and Belarus in the eastern side, Czech Republic and Slovakia in the southern region, Lithuania, and Russia in the north. Poland also borders the Baltic Sea in the northern side. The present boundaries of Poland were a result of the WWII and agreement of the country with the neighboring countries.

Poland is considered to be a medium sized country. It ranks the 9th largest country in Europe and occupies the 69th place, if compare it with the countries all around the world.

Poland is mainly flat as the main part of its territory is located on flatlands, 200 meter above the sea lever. The locations about 500 meters above the sea level take up only 3.1% of the country's territory, especially towards the southern region. The highest altitude of the country is the Rysy peak that rises almost 2,499 meters above the sea. On the other hand the lowest point is located near the Raczki Elblaskie that goes up to 2 meters below the sea.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is located in the eastern half of Poland, on both sights of the Vistula River, just 184 km from the Belarussian border and 350 km from the Baltic Sea. Due to its location between Berlin and Minsk it was always an important point among European cities.

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